1. What is meant by ‘childhood’ differs between societies and depends on time, place and culture.
  2. Children take responsibility at an earlier age: less value placed on them showing obedience; their sexual behaviour is often viewed differently.
  3. Giving a new born baby the same name as a dead sibling; referring to the baby as ‘it’; forgetting how many children they had.
  4. Because they cannot work, even part-time, until they are at least 13 years old.
  5. Among poorer children these are more likely: low birth weight; delayed development; higher infant mortality rates; longstanding illness; hyperactivity and conduct disorders; falling behind at school; being on the child protection register
  6. Adult domination/ control and child dependence.
  7. Because television is destroying the information hierarchy between adults and children and giving children access to knowledge that hitherto only adults only possessed.
  8. The spread of western ideas of childhood as vulnerable etc to the rest of the world e.g. via aid agencies.