1. Such as: educational toys, language, parents reading to a child
  2. Deferred: making sacrifices now for greater rewards later. Immediate: seeking pleasure now rather than making sacrifices to gain future rewards (also referred to as ‘short-term hedonism’.)
  3. Elaborated: context-free; communicates abstract ideas; wider vocabulary; grammatically complex sentences. Restricted: context-bound; descriptive; limited vocabulary; short, often unfinished, grammatically simple sentences.
  4. A policy designed to provide extra resources to compensate for cultural deprivation
  5. Overcrowding means nowhere to study; poor diet leading to illness and absence from school; having to leave school early to get a job; unable to afford study materials.
  6. Cultural capital is the culture of the middle class. Economic capital is wealth.
  7. Working-class parents whose choices are restricted by their lack of economic and cultural capital.