FamiliesandSocialRead the section on the Marxist approach to family policies on pages 85 to 86 of the book and use that information to help you complete the following passage. The missing words are listed at the end.


  1. Marxism offers a more ______________perspective on the family than consensus theories like functionalism.
  2. It shows how ________________ may often favour the better off and serve __________________.
  3. It shows how ______________ for ordinary workers are often too low to make a real difference
  4. Marxists believe it is in the interests of capitalism to encourage nuclear families to

    ________________ workers and prevent________________ .


  1. It tends to be ‘gender-blind’ in failing to recognise the importance of ___________ in social policy
  2. It is very ______________ , in that it assumes all aspects of family life are determined by ______________ forces.
  3. The approach focuses on one particular type of family and does not deal adequately with ______________ forms.

Missing words:

  • Policies
  • Support
  • Deterministic
  • Alternative
  • Capitalism
  • Patriarchy
  • Resistance
  • Economic
  • Critical
  • Benefits