1. ‘Female’ refers to biological sex, whereas ‘feminine’ refers to cultural expectations or norms governing female gender roles.
  2. The oppression of women in the family supports capitalist production by maintaining the current generation of workers and by reproducing and socialising the next generation of workers. Women also provide a cheap reserve army of labour for capitalism.
  3. They argue that feminism needs to consider all women, in many different circumstances, not just white Western women.
  4. Physical violence; economic; political; legal.
  5. Liberal feminists.
  6. True (though some individual men may benefit also).
  7. It was male dominated and looked at society from a male perspective.
  8. The idea that all women share the same ‘essence’ or same fundamental characteristics and experience.
  9. Oppression is not just about how women are seen, but the result of real structural inequality; the feminist movement is weakened by dividing women into many different sub-groups; poststructuralist feminism ignores the important similarities in the position of all women.