Complete the summary below, using the list of words that follows:

For Marxists, postmodernity is the most recent stage of__________,rather than being a break away from capitalism. As society has changed, the working class have become less__________and have lost much of the power they once had, partly due to a rise in__________.

Workers now have less job__________and working hours have to be more__________to suit the needs of the firm, especially in the service industries. Work has moved away from large-scale__________where the development of workers’ organisations was more possible. Globalisation has meant that owners can fill vacant posts with__________workers or can move production to another part of the world.

The recurrent slowing of economic growth (‘bust’ following a ‘boom’), producing__________and/or inflation, makes workers more vulnerable.

In addition, the expansion and globalisation of the finance sector – made possible through developments in communication technology – coupled with less__________by governments, has meant that a small minority have been able to gain massive wealth. As a result, the gap between rich and poor has__________rather than narrowed in the last 35 years.

Missing Words

living standards