About our eBooks

More and more schools and colleges are now enabling their students to access eBooks as part of their course. Usually this is done by the library or subject department purchasing a licence. The licence then permits a specified number of students to access the eBook during a given period, usually for the duration of their course, e.g. one or two years.

At Napier Press, we now publish all our textbooks in eBook as well as print form. The content of the eBook is identical to that of the print version. Schools and colleges can now purchase licences for the following Napier Press eBooks:

  • Sociology Books One and Two
  • Criminology Books One and Two

About eBooks licences

You can purchase a licence for either one year (365 days) or two years (730 days) for any or all of the above eBooks. Your licence then enables a specified number of your students to access the eBook at any one time.

You can purchase a licence for just one user, or for 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75 or 100 concurrent users (that is, those accessing the eBook at the same time).

For example, a licence for 10 concurrent users allows any 10 of your students to access the book at the same time. If you have, say, 15 students, they can all still access the eBook, but only 10 of them can access it at the same time.

Once your school/college has a licence for one of our eBooks, your students can access it remotely anytime, anywhere – from home, in school/college, or on the move. Just decide how many users you want to be able to access the eBook at any one time and then apply for your licence.

How to get your licence

Just send your work contact details including phone number to Brown’s Books for Students at enquiries@brownsbfs.co.uk saying which eBooks you wish to have a licence for. Brown’s will create an account for you if your school/college doesn’t already have one. Please allow 48 hours for your account to be set up.

eBook prices

The price of a licence depends on which eBook you choose, the number of users you wish to give access to it, and the duration of the licence (one year or two). For example, a licence for five concurrent users of A level Sociology Book Two over two years costs the same as five print copies. Further information and full details of prices are available from Brown’s at enquiries@brownsbfs.co.uk