1. Ascribed status: fixed at birth. Achieved status: gained through the individual’s own effort and ability.
  2. Achieved.
  3. Standards that apply only to an individual child.
  4. Education selects according to ability through examinations and qualifications.
  5. Education selects the most able and suitable to fill the most important positions, and gives these individuals higher rewards.
  6. The idea that education should meet the needs of the economy and courses should prepare students for work.
  7. This was initiated by Prime Minister Callaghan in 1976 to renew the focus on vocational courses and for education to meet the needs of the economy.
  8. They believe some people are naturally more talented than others; they believe in the idea of meritocracy; they believe education should be based on shared values.
  9. It gives power to the consumers of education , so better meets their needs; improves the quality of education; meets the needs of the economy.