Part A

Go to the BBC website to watch a video-clip and read about the ‘detox myth’ (you will need to scroll down that page for the video-clip).

Then discuss these questions in pairs:

  1. How might the concept of detox help to sell products? Are there other products apart from food that manufactures claim can give you a detox?
  2. Explain why the scientist interviewed on the BBC dismisses detox as a myth? Summarise her argument and decide if you agree with it.
Part B

Also at the BBC website read the article ‘Prince Charles detox quackery’.

  1. What claims does Prince Charles make for his ‘Duchy Herbals Detox Tincture’?
  2. Why does Professor Ernst describe Prince Charles as rejecting science in favour of ‘make believe’ and superstition?

Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.