Here is a list of statements from different sociologists, expressing a range of views on family diversity. They can all be found on pages 71 to 78 of the book.

Match each of the statements with one of the following viewpoints:
functionalism; the New Right; feminism; Chester; The Rapoports; Hareven; Giddens.

NOTE: There are two statements for some of the viewpoints.


  1. Family diversity reflects a more diverse society, where people have different wants and needs.
  2. Family diversity has been exaggerated; the nuclear family is still the most dominant and popular family form.
  3. Lone parent families don’t provide role models for young boys and this leads to delinquency.
  4. Couples today make their own choices about their relationships; this makes the relationship less stable but ‘pure’.
  5. Easier divorce has meant that many women have been able to escape oppressive marriages.
  6. The nuclear family is the best form of family for modern society and it alone can perform the necessary ‘essential’ functions.
  7. Cohabitation is usually a preliminary phase before marriage and children.
  8. Government welfare benefits provide ‘perverse incentives’ that encourage dependency on the state.
  9. Family diversity provides women with a wider range of opportunities.
  10. We need to understand the meaning family life has for people – different individuals may make different choices.
  11. Family types other than the nuclear family are unsatisfactory and deviant.

VIEWPOINT – write down your viewpoint….