FamilyFunctionsRead the section on the functionalist approach on pages 39 and 40, then download this document to print out and complete the following passage by inserting the missing words listed at the end.


  1. This approach shows how a part of society can work at two different levels – both fulfilling the needs of each_______________ and meeting the needs of the whole ____________ at the same time.
  2. It provides a very ________________ view of society.
  3. Functionalists show how each of the parts of society are _______________ , each contributing to the _______________of the whole.
  4. This approach stresses the great ________________ of the family as the basic of society.
  5. The family is seen as very important in passing on the _____________

    and _________________which are universal in society.


  1. The approach is too __________________. It suggests that family life is always good and happy.
  2. It therefore tends to ignore the ________________ and _________________ stressed by Marxists.
  3. By stressing the idea that the _________________ family is universal, this approach ignores other types of household and seems to assume that they are _____________.
  4. It does not consider the ways in which functions may be performed by other

    __________________, rather than by the family.

  5. Feminists are critical of this approach because it assumes that gender ___________ are fixed, ignoring the _________________ that have taken place.
Missing words:
  • nuclear
  • society
  • institutions
  • inadequate
  • conflict
  • positive
  • well-being
  • importance
  • values
  • roles
  • harmonious
  • individual
  • exploitation
  • interrelated
  • changes
  • norms
  • unit