WhatIsSocilogyIntroduction to Sociology: Answers to QuickCheck Questions on Page 10

  1. A programme or plan by government that aims to achieve a particular goal.
  2. It is learnt through nurture or contact with others.
  3. (a) All those things learnt and shared by a society or group transmitted from generation to generation, including norms, values, language and beliefs.
    (b) Specific rules governing behaviour.
    (c) The process of transmitting, learning or internalising a culture.
  4. Ascribed: based on fixed characteristics we are born with. Achieved: gained through our own efforts.
  5. False
  6. False
  7. Agreement amongst society’s members about basic values.
  8. It enables members to agree on goals and cooperate to achieve them.
  9. Male-dominated society
  10. Urbanisation: the shift from a society where people live in the countryside to one where they live in towns. Industrialisation: where the workforce moves out of agriculture and into factory production.
  11. (a) Modern (b) traditional (c) postmodern.
  12. False