Marxist theoriesFind answers to the following:

  1. What is meant by the term ‘white-collar crime’?
  2. What is ‘corporate crime’?
  3. Find three examples of corporate crime.
  4. What is ‘occupational crime’?
  5. Find three examples of occupational crime.
  6. How might it be argued that white-collar crime is more costly to society than street crime?
  7. Some argue that white-collar crime is less important than street crime because there are often no direct victims. Suggest three ways in which people may be indirect victims of white collar crime.
  8. Identify two types of white-collar crime that do have direct victims.
  9. Some prosecutions for white-collar crime arise as the result of ‘accidents’ at work, caused by cutting corners or negligence. When does an ‘accident’ become a crime?