Here is a list of dos and don’ts when designing questionnaires

Give clear instructions and explanations on how to complete the questions. Make your questionnaire too long.
Have a clear layout to follow and record answers. Have too few categories available.<
Make your questions clear and easy to follow. Use vague terms or questions that may lead to confusion.
Ask for any personal details at the end. Ask embarrassing or personal questions.
Explain what the research is and who you are. Have categories that overlap.
Use simple language that all will understand. Include any technical terms.
Provide multiple choice answers where appropriate. Include any leading questions (suggesting a probable answer).

Your task here is to break all the rules!

In pairs, you should write ten questions about a suitable topic, at the same time trying to break as many of these rules as possible.

When you have finished, try them out as a test on another pair of students and see how many mistakes they can spot!