Book Reviews

Our textbooks

“Amazing, had all the extra detail in it that other books lacked.”  M L Whitehouse

“Highly recommended, informative text book, the concepts are rich in detail and are dissected very well, I would definitely recommend it.”  Merve Ayaan

“Excellent book, very straight forward to understand and is in-depth to give a good clear picture of the area.”  Naila Akhtaron

“Amazing! I ordered this after being prompted by my A Level Sociology teacher. Everything in the book is easy to find because of the index and key concepts pages. The language used is phrased in an understanding way and has been an amazing support piece for my studies.”  Grace

“I would say this is the best book on the market for the Sociology AQA Specification…. Having reviewed all of the new Sociology books, this is the one that I purchased for my students. None of the others have anything like the depth of this.” T Loveron

“Do I owe my A to this book? Most definitely! It’s amazing, covers everything in detail. I call this my Sociology Bible. Buy it. Use it. Be overjoyed after.”  TLO

“Brilliant! The best textbook you could purchase. Has everything you need for the exam, since I purchased it and started revising it, it’s made a change and built my confidence for the exam. It’s a must have for Sociology students.” Zac

Our Revision Guides

“Passed with an A, thanks to this book, amazingly simple to understand and really easy to remember the stuff – great purchase. “ Sarah Rowlands

“Best Sociology book out! Recommended by my sociology teacher – couldn’t have passed the subject without it. Really brilliant book!” Stacey

“My lessons were very messy and unclear but this book condenses everything down and teaches exactly what you need to know.” JJ

“Awesome. I really liked this revision guide. It gave me everything I needed to know in a bright and interesting way, I actually enjoyed revising for once. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is doing AS Sociology. Good luck!”  Julz’Gee

“Excellent! I am in my first year of sixth form sociology. I was struggling for a while to get the whole idea of the essay writing and the theorists etc. Because of this got an E in my first exam however, after the exam I purchased this book recommended by a friend and I can truly say that I have been on a roll with this book.”  Emmanuel

“Easy Revision: this revision guide has made my life a little bit easier seriously it is the perfect revision guide I would recommend it to anyone.” Sim